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Registration Help
How do I become a member of
You can become a member of by clicking the sign-up link in the header of the site. This will take you to our Registration page which is quick and easy to fill out. Becoming a member is free.
Is joining free?
Yes! As a member you can watch all the videos you want and upload videos to Stupidvideos. You do have to be a paying subscriber to download videos from and also to not see any video ads running in the video player. Sign up for Stupidvideos Plus to enjoy these features and many more.
I forgot my login and password. Can I get a reminder?
Go to Password Reminder
How do I edit/cancel my subscription to
Your subscription is maintained in your PayPal account. If you would like to cancel your StupidVideos login use the following link to find and cancel your subscription... (or paste the link into your address bar)
Click here to cancel your subscription
*** Important Note *** Do not cancel your login until you are done using your login, as it will become inactive once you have canceled your login.
Remember after your login has been canceled you will not have access to: the highest quality videos, the ability to download videos, create video postcards or create a list of your favorites.
If I am a free member how can I become a Plus Member?
You can change your subscription type anytime by going here.
Video Playing/Usage Help
If you're having problems playing videos, please CHECK:
Internet Browser Security Settings
(instructions are for Internet Explorer but apply to all browsers although steps/menus may be slightly different)
Our site uses Active Scripting in order to improve the content that we can offer to users. If your Security Setting is set to HIGH, scripting will be disabled and you will not be able to view videos.
To check your settings do the following:
1. Open Internet Explorer and open the Internet Options menu.
2. Look at the Security Tab. Click on Custom Level.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the list that pops up. Under Scripting, the second to last item on the list, make sure everything is ENABLED.
4. Restart your cpu.
Flash Player You need to have Flash Player installed to view videos on When you install Flash Player make sure that you install the browser plug-in for your browser (browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari etc). This will let you view videos that are embedded in a web page.
Make sure that you have the latest web browser and Flash player software updates installed on your system. suggests that people use Internet Explorer for the best viewing experience.
Click on the links below to download the latest version of Flash Player: Flash Player Plug-InSelect the Download link and then run the application to install. After you have installed this Plug-In you might need to restart your system in order for them start working.
I have a Internet security suite on my computer and I'm unable to play videos.
To resolve this issue you might need to allow our site as a trusted site in you software suite. (Examples of this kind of software are Symantec internet security and McAfee security center.)
How do I watch a video?
To watch a video, click on a video name from any list of videos. Our player is embedded in the page and will not be affected by pop-up blockers. If you click on a video and nothing happens, please refer to the video help section above.
How do I browse videos?
There are three tabs at the top of the video chart that list the New videos, the Most Popular videos and the Top Rated videos. You can also browse by clicking on a specific category (Just Plain Stupid, Stunts, Sports Humor, Animal Humor, Commercials and Almost Stupid).
How can I search for a video?
The search bar is located at the top of every page on You can look up a video by entering part of the video's name or description into the search box and selecting a category. You can also search all categories. For example if you are searching for a biking video you can click on the "Sports" category. Search results will be displayed that allow you to watch, share, or download videos straight from the search results page.
How can I make a list of my favorite videos?
The "My Profile" link at the upper right displays a listing of your favorite videos. Click the "Add to Favorites" to add the currently selected video to your Profile Page. Favorite videos is a member only feature. You can view your favorite videos by going to the homepage and clicking on "View All Favorite Videos"
How can I post a review on a video?
To watch a video, click on a video name from any list of videos. Our player is embedded in the page and will not be affected by pop-up blockers. If you click on a video and nothing happens, please refer to the video help section above. I'm having trouble playing videos.
How can I rate a video?
You rate a video when watching it or when you post a review for the video. Start by click the "Write a review" link in the video player. From there you will be taken to the post a review page where you can post a review along with giving the video a rating of 1-10. Your rating is then compiled with other users' ratings to give the average rating for that video on the site. You must be a member of to rate videos
How often do you add videos?
We add videos to everyday. Videos from various partners and users are reviewed, encoded, and posted to the site throughout the course of the day. Keep an eye out for new videos and ones you have uploaded to the site. Uploaded videos are now automatically added to your Profile. See the Help section about Your Profile below.
How often are the charts refreshed?
All charts are refreshed once per day. New videos are updated multiple times daily as we post new videos to the site.
Submission Help
How do I upload a video to
You must be a member to upload a video to the site. Once you have joined click on the "Upload a video to" banner on the homepage. This will take you to a video submission page where you fill out information on the video you have and instructions on uploading or mailing in your video. Please read the instructions carefully so that we are able to process your video quickly so our users can start enjoying it.
What File types can I upload?
We accept every common video fomarts. (if you find a format that we dont support and think we should send a email to
Is there a file size limit on a uploaded video?
Yes, the limit is 100mbm, but we recommend you keep your video to under 20mb for quicker upload time.
How long does it take for video to be posted?
Approximately 15 minutes. You will receive an email to the email address you registered with informing you of when the video is posted to your profile.
Profile Help
Do i need to be a registered member to have a profile?
Yes. Only Members can have profiles. Registration is free. Click here to register.
Are profile free for members?
How do i set up a profile?
Once you register your profile is created automatically for you.
How do i get to my profile?
When you are logged in there is a link to "My Profile" at the top right of each page next to your username.
How do i edit my profile?
There are links on the right side of your profile page which allow you to edit your information displayed.
How do i see other users' profiles?
We will be adding a member search. Until that time you can click on a username next a uploaded video or video review.
What are 'My Videos'?
These are videos you have uploaded to Every member may upload unlimited videos to We insist you read the Terms of Service before uploaded and adhere to content guidelines.
How long does it take for a video to post once I have uploaded it?
Approximately 15 minutes. You will receive an email to the email address you registered with informing you of when the video is posted to your profile.
How do i get my video promoted on the homepage?
The staff looks through the submissions and picks out the funniest/stupidest videos. So the funnier and better quality it is - the better your shot of being promoted!
What are favorites?
These are videos you have marked as favorites.
What are my video reviews?
These are all the videos you have written reviews for.
What are my rated videos?
These are all the videos you have rated on
What are the recently watched videos?
These are all the videos you have watched in the past 60 days.
How do i upload a photo to my profile?
Click on the image link which will take you to a photo upload tool. 150x100 size images are ideal. No motion graphics please.
What are the Stupid Levels?
We track our biggest uploaders and give them credit for how many times their videos are watch. Upload more videos and watch your rank grow!
How do I add my favorite video to my blog, website or friendster profile?
Click here to find out how to add you favorite video to a website.
How do i add a StupidVideos RSS feed to iTunes?
Click here and then choose which type of feed you want to add to iTunes.
Recently uploaded videos are not showing up on my profile page.
Some videos may take longer than 15 min to be pushed to your profile page. (This time range is relative to size of video and how many videos in queue).