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I graduated college many years ago with a major in marketing. Marketing was so easy and predictable in those days. Knock on a certain number of doors, send out a certain quantity of mail, getting friends and family involved, etc. It was all so predictable and so close to home. I’m still marketing, but not the same way. Why? Because that’s old technology; very old. With the Internet, the world is my door and I can knock on a whole bunch of those doors from anywhere on the planet. I’m networking with many people who not only are smart marketers but like me, believe that streaming video is the next evolution of communication. I hope to meet friends and business partners during this exciting technological journey. Join me!

I am a cop. No, not law enforcement; “C”apitalist, “O”ntrepeneur and
“P”rofit-maker. At my age, financial freedom and the ability to conduct business anywhere in the world is my focus. I live with my significant other who has