Best LED display
Detailed Product Description
• Fast installation structure and hanging up, super thin cabinet and super light weight
• Each pixel contains one red, one pure green, blue and total four pieces of LEDs
• Pitch: 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 20mm 25mm
• Unit module size: P10:80mm x 80mm P12:192mm x 96mm P14:224mm x 112mm
P16:256mm x 128mm P20:320mm x 160mm P25:200mm x 200mm
• Display brightness: 4000cd/m2 -7000cd/m2
• Brightness adjustment: 256 grade manual and eight grade automatic
• Protection level: IP65
• Viewing angle: greater than 110 degrees (left and right viewing angle)
• Viewing distance: 10 to 1500m
• Grade scale: recommended 4096 level
• Display color: 64M colors
• Exchange frame speed: greater than 60 frames/second
• Refresh frame frequency: More than 300Hz
• Screen body power consumption: 80