Wan Sam Football
“Flipping Hopeless“, the hilarious story of one mans journey into Sunday league football management, and his team the legendary FC Toronto. Join them on their quest to win a game any game!.
The manager’s hopeless the team is hopeless in fact their “Flipping Hopeless”

In 2009 one man decided to form a football team, the result was
“Flipping Hopeless”.

Based on the true story of a rag tag bunch of amateur football players, who played for the Sunday morning football team FC Toronto. The team was made up of recovering alcoholics, gamblers, general nutcases, a few middle aged men past their sell by date and anyone else they rope in!

It follows their story from the creation of their name FC Toronto in1874 (during the peak of the wild west era when Football is introduced to the wild west by Chinaman “Wan Sam Football”. It fast forwards in time to 2009 where the spirit of Wan Sam football tells a man he has to form a football team and