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Gender: Female
City: IDK my bf Kyle
State: OH
Country: United States
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Hello Beautiful <3

Nichole\'s the name.

EmoCrayola has not uploaded any videos.

Emo Song

Views: 5,352

Added: 11/30/-0001

Harry Potter Rap

Views: 94,902

Added: 1/2/2007


Views: 599

Added: 7/28/2007

MTV Scarred Spoof

Views: 48,607

Added: 5/6/2007

Sunday, August 5, 2007 12:35:04 AM
I'd tap that =]

Lmao. Anyways comment here dolls. <3 NICHOLE <3 more

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Einstein520 (Over 30 Days Ago)
Hello! I am a Chinese! Ha ha! Would like to pay a few foreign friends! Ha ha! Are interested in giving me a message!

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A7XCHICK (Over 30 Days Ago)
love love love love you.

158 posts
plague (Over 30 Days Ago)
whats up

248 posts
CLSixteen (Over 30 Days Ago)
Hey, hows it going? You wanna be friends?