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We love Alive in Baghdad videos and hope you do too! Check them out at aliveinbaghdad.org

They are revolutionizing journalism by bringing the voices of regular Iraqis straight to you uncensored! This is the kind of video you just don\'t see on TV news. From hospitals to the Streets of Baghdad these guys go where other reporters wouldn\'t dare!

Eating your memo...

Views: 23

Added: 3/19/2007

Hot Girl in Show...

Views: 444

Added: 3/19/2007

Lunch Gone Wrong?

Views: 382,977

Added: 3/19/2007

How to use your ...

Views: 34

Added: 3/19/2007

Game of Catch Go...

Views: 9

Added: 3/19/2007

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Friday, March 16, 2007 10:32:24 PM
Alive in Baghdad is amazing!

Check out aliveinbaghdad.org their videos are completely awe inspiring. We've also set up a site called friendsofaib.com to show support for them so they keep making new videos! There videos are the future of online news and entertainment. Don't be the last to check them out! more

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metallica6666 (Over 30 Days Ago)
support our troops