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Theory of the soul
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 11:26:44 AM | 0 Comments
Fact: Energy cannot be created or destoyed, only moved and transformed

Fact: While alive there is a bioelectricity in and around the bodies of all living animals

Fact: upon death, the bioelectricity is no longer present in the body

Fact: Electricity is a very condensed amount of kinetic energy

Fact: kinetic energy is what allows matter to exist and forces to act

Fact: Upon losing a limb, many humans have developed "ghost limbs" meaning they can still feel the missing limb

Fact: "Aura" imaging has shown that upon losing part of itself, a plant will still retain the "aura" or bioelectrity that surounded the previous part

Fact: Thought is not possible without bioelectricity. Without it you are declared brain dead

Fact: Electricity takes the easiest route to the ground, yet human and animal bodies are capable of holding an electric charge without losing all of it

Theory: This Bioelectricity may be the makeup or body of the soul, possibly even the soul itself.

Possible way to test theory: Obtain or create a bioelectric imaging machine. Have it recording a very high FPS while aimed at either an animal that is being put down or a criminal being executed. Study where the bioelectricity goes when the subject dies, as well as if it seems to retain a noticable shape or form