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We don't know anything about mushymatt.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006 12:08:19 AM
If anyone can find a video of...

a dinosaur, in a speedboat, holding a machine gun, with a black side kick, eating a burrito that would be amazing. more

Comments (8)

165 posts
Carmex (Over 30 Days Ago)
Hey haha I like ur Screen name it\'s funny...so is ur icon.

1,289 posts
nickyoung (Over 30 Days Ago)
wanna be freindz (if u do then go to my profile and press the add to freindz button and ill accept it from there)

83 posts
mistrymix (Over 30 Days Ago)
donkey bonk to you too man

1,289 posts
nickyoung (Over 30 Days Ago)
i like bannanas 2 exept when you cant eat them because there squished or rotton

0 posts
overtime (Over 30 Days Ago)
thanks for the compliment, man! i\'m uploading a new video right now, it\'s called \"Lack of Social Awareness Mega Man\", check it out.