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contest postponed until I get my moderator status.
Sunday, April 29, 2007 9:48:01 PM | 15 Comments
Due to all the new and awesome "sv"ers arising i am restarting the Sv Legends contest to bring in some new legends. All the same rules apply and people who have already been legends in my other blog there still legends and if a legend votes for you it counts as two votes!!! So get the legends to vote for you
This is a contest that I'm restarting called "SV Legends". Basically what you have to do is nominate people as an Sv legend. to qualify you have to state why you think this person should be an SV Legend, has to be a valid reason, and that person has to have at least 2 nominations. Say the person has two nominations but the reason isnt valid they will still be in the running but until they get a good reason to be declared an sv legend then they cant be one. or even if its the other way around. Like for example me I only joined the site 3 and a half months ago and look at me im at the top baby. I hold records for many things like most videos in one day which in fact is 107. I hold record for most amount of video views in the short amount of time i've been on stupid videos. I have passed many people who have been on the site for over a year. If you noticed i am the fourth most popular (i used to be third but my internet was down so i couldn't maintain my status) person on stupidvideos yet you wonder how i got that many profile views in such a short time( I hold that record too) where as people who r pretty popular and have been on the site for much longer than me have less. basically these r some examples of things you could say to back your nominee as a "SV legend" you could even nominate people for being at the top of the members list. like most video views and most popular and most reviews etc check out my profile page for more details
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