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Webcomics Wednesday, Month Two!
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 5:38:03 PM | 0 Comments
I know, I know... you were thinking there's no way they can keep up Webcomics Wednesdays for more than a month. Well, guess what? You were vastly underestimating how long you can go when you don't try to hard! WCW Superstars, Earnestp and DownintheWell have to great new comics. And we're going to give you TWO--that's right, TWO--bonus comics this week!

First, DownintheWell!

Next, Earnestp!

Bonus #1 from Paranoid Pickle

Bonus #2 from Funny Webcomic

Hope you enjoyed them, and we would love it if you would leave comments below. Also, if you or anyone you know does doodles, let us know, and we'll include them in Webcomics Wednesdays.
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