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Whoops! Web Comic Wednesdays!
Thursday, May 7, 2009 1:17:46 AM | 60 Comments
A little late on this one guys, we fell asleep at the wheel this Wednesday...but never fear, we haven't forgotten your beloved webcomics!

Your ol' pals downinthewell and earnestp have toiled endlessly to bring you the most relevant comics on this site at this time...and hey...let's add a little comic from marriedtothesea.com to the mix and see how you likes it!

We've all been there huh!? Aaaah! Water!

Oh prom, the one and only time a girl stuck her tongue in my mouth.

Point of reference: The Texas Tornado was a professional wrestler from the old school Jimmy Snuka and Mr. Perfect days of the WWF. Enjoy kiddo's!
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